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2Technical level restricts enterprise r & d production. Domestic valve production is mainly low - and medium-grade products, the lack of its own core technology. Low technology level, directly affect the development of high-end valves. Most valve enterprises produce low-end universal valves, the existence of homogenization between products, similar products make the competition between enterprises intensified.

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  • At present, the valve produced by the enterprise has internal leakage, external leakage, low quality, short life and other problems. Some products are still at the international level in the early 1980s, and the key devices cannot be independently developed, so they need to be imported.



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  • Although a lot of enterprise valve product obtains many national patents, but a lot of patents are practical patents only, the technical content is not high, a lot of patents only made partial improvement on the structure, without substantial improvement invention. Some also exist imitation and plagiarism, because many valve users stay in the use of traditional products for many years, so many products internal and external structure for many years without substantial improvement and improvement.